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SPN_Gen Big Bang Masterpost: Riding Shotgun

Title: Riding Shotgun
Written for: spn_gen_bigbang

Artist: kalliel
Warning: character death
Word Count: 32K

Summary: "Sam doesn’t know how he can say his brother is dead when there’s still someone on this earth who looks at him like that." 
For the Winchesters, death is never the end.      Written for the 2011 spn_gen_bigbang

Author's Notes: Endless thanks to my beta, elveys_stuff, and to my artist, kalliel, for being so wonderfully awesome and for putting up with my perpetual case of last-minute-ness. And to reapertownusa for throwing such a fun party! More notes at the end. 

Riding Shotgun by bythedamned, art by kalliel
Part 1 ~/~ Part 2 ~/~ Part 3 ~/~ Part 4 ~/~ Epilogue 
Also on AO3

Tags: big bang, fic, gen, h/c duh, rating: pg-13, riding shotgun, spn
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