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PODFIC!! Five Times Dean Tied Sam's Shoes

Podfic! I suddenly need a podfic tag! How very cool is that :D

The talented and incredibly generous colls has spent her precious time making a podfic of my spn_gen_bigbang fic, Five Times Dean Tied Sam's Shoes. Not only is this an exciting first for me as an author, but it's done beautifully and you all should have a listen. Really. Really really. I was blown away. So without further ado:

Many many thanks to her and, of course, to sammycolt24, whose art is so pretty it had to be used twice.
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SPN: One to Sell

Title: One to Sell
Author: bythedamned
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 4,272
Beta: elveys_stuff
4x03 - In the Beginning, and canon conversations that follow up on it
A/N: I wrote this for an anon-meme a long while ago, for someone who said that with all the focus on Dean's daddy issues, no one really remembered that Sam might have issues about the mother who sold him to the YED. 

Summary: Early S4 fix-it. Sam's whole life was decided when his mother sold him to a demon, and it takes Dean a long time to figure that out. Also on AO3

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spn: Thor's Hammer

SPN/Avengers Fic: For the Love of God and Hammer

Title:For the Love of God and Hammer
Author: bythedamned
Fandom: Supernatural/Avengers crossover
Rating: PG
Word Count:1500
Spoilers: Everything current. Supernatural events from 8x02, the Avengers movie. 
A/N: Inspired by a certain moment of awesomeness in Supernatural 8x02, and because I couldn't find any fic on it so I wrote my own. And don't let the fic fool you - I adore Thor. And Loki. It was just too easy to poke fun at them from the Winchester's POV. Thanks as always to my beta (and artist!) elveys_stuff.

Summary: In which Sam's feeling a little attached, and Thor just wants his hammer back. 

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SPN - Five Times Dean Tied Sam's Shoes

Title: Five Times Dean Tied Sam's Shoes
Written for:  spn_gen_bigbang
Author: bythedamned

Artist: sammycolt24
Rating: PG
Word Count: 6,800
Beta: elveys_stuff

Summary: Just what it says on the tin, five times throughout Sam's life Dean ended up tying his shoes. A mix of angst, humor and h/c. 

A/N: Three cheers for another year of spn_gen_bigbang (even if my bang wasn't quite so big this year...).  A huge Thank You goes out to sammycolt24 who did some amazingly gorgeous artwork. I am so impressed with her talent -- seriously, if you think those shoes are good, just wait til you get to the end -- and I believe she's new to the fandom, so everyone should go check out her page and leave her some love. Also, thanks to the mod for organizing this crazy thing, and to my truly wonderful beta elveys_stuff, without whom this journal would probably be blank. 

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SPN - Paradise by the Dashboard Light

Title: Paradise by the Dashboard Light

Author: bythedamned

Genre: Pre-series, gen or (pre-)wincest depending on which goggles you wear

Word Count: 1,330

Beta: elveys_stuff

A/N: Title taken from, and fic inspired by, the Meatloaf song of the same title. This started off way more wincesty in my head (listen to the song, you’ll know why) but I don’t really write wincest and somehow it just morphed into something a little heavier.

Summary: Dean does what he can to alleviate Sam’s growing pains, but it’s probably not enough.

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SPN - Can't Have Both

Title: Can't Have Both
Author: bythedamned
Genre: Gen
Warning: Permanent brain damage
Rating: PG
Word Count: 4,900
Beta: elveys_stuff
A/N: So, I wrote a halloween fic in April. Go figure. And I kind of want to make this into a verse, just 'cause... oh, the possibilities. Also, I want to state that any views in this fic belong to Dean Winchester, the fictional character from No Small Town, USA, and are not my own. Supernatural belongs to Eric Kripke and the CW.

Summary: Five year olds love Halloween. And now, so does Sam. It’s like one big cosmic joke. Dean's learning how to make his mentally regressed kid brother happy again, and smile while he does it. Goes AU from early season 7. Not a de-aged fic. YMMV on whether this is actually a happy story. 

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SPN - Your Version of Fine

Title: Your Version of Fine
Rating: R for gore and violence
Word Count: 2500
Warning: descriptions of disturbing violence and imagery. Also: SPOILERS up to 6x08, All Dogs Go to Heaven, in the fic, summary, and even the A/N. Seriously, stop now.
A/N: I wrote this as a coda to 6x08, which ends with Sam and Dean sitting at a picnic table on the side of the road and Sam explaining (with all the charisma and believability of a stone crypt) that he wants his soul back. I wanted more. This was written in about a week and a half – no idea why it took so long to post. Title taken from 6x09.
Beta: elveys_stuff

Summary: Sam says he wants his soul back. Dean wants to know why.

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spn: 2011 Gen Big Bang

SPN_Gen Big Bang: Riding Shotgun - Extra Art

So... I think the explanation for this post will actually be longer than the post itself.

I recently posted my 2011 spn_gen_bigbang fic, Riding Shotgun. It felt like a pretty big deal, and my magnificent beta elveys_stuff said she would kindly Pet Society it for me. Now... what does that mean? 

Pet Society is a game on Facebook where you have a pet, and you name it and feed it and build a house for it. It's silly and maybe a little embarrassing, but what Facebook game isn't? And if we maybe use it to recreate scenes from spn, well, the internet's been used for worse things. One of these days, elveys_stuff is actually going to post some recreations she's done for a 'guess the ep' series, because they're damn good, but until then I have these to show off. Basically, she set up our 'pets' in scenes from my big bang, and they're adorable and really detailed (because I know how hard it is to make these!) and I adore them. None of these places already existed in the game - she created them all! Hopefully she'll make her own post soon enough, but I just had to share them too. If you like them, please head over to her journal and leave her some love. There's also some beautiful art by my big bang artist, kalliel, if you want something with actual people in it. 

And if you haven't/don't want to read the story, but want to know what the hell is going on, here's the summary. This plus the pictures probably explain it all, while managing to not be too spoilery.

Summary: "Sam doesn’t know how he can say his brother is dead when there’s still someone on this earth who looks at him like that." For the Winchesters, death is never the end.

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spn: 2011 Gen Big Bang

SPN_Gen Big Bang Masterpost: Riding Shotgun

Title: Riding Shotgun
Written for: spn_gen_bigbang

Artist: kalliel
Warning: character death
Word Count: 32K

Summary: "Sam doesn’t know how he can say his brother is dead when there’s still someone on this earth who looks at him like that." 
For the Winchesters, death is never the end.      Written for the 2011 spn_gen_bigbang

Author's Notes: Endless thanks to my beta, elveys_stuff, and to my artist, kalliel, for being so wonderfully awesome and for putting up with my perpetual case of last-minute-ness. And to reapertownusa for throwing such a fun party! More notes at the end. 

Riding Shotgun by bythedamned, art by kalliel
Part 1 ~/~ Part 2 ~/~ Part 3 ~/~ Part 4 ~/~ Epilogue 
Also on AO3